The Play Well focus team supports policy, systems and environmental change to facilitate growth and maintenance of public parks, recreational facilities and open spaces. in order to increase safe and accessible places for physical activity. 

Our Vision 

We envision Kingston as a place where people of all ages enjoy easy access to high quality parks, playspaces, and open space and where people can participate in fun, active activities using a variety of accessible equipment and through age appropriate programs.  

Our Mission

We bring together people and organizations working on parks and open space issues in Kingston to 1) increase the quality and quantity of usable open space, and 2) strengthen communications between us and to the public about our open space and playspace assets.

What we are doing!

Our focus team will be planning a workshop in the Fall of 2015 to bring together those working in the areas of parks and recreation and open space. We will look at the Kingston Parks and Recreation Master Plan and look to build capacity within our group to begin to address the policy, systems and environmental change needed.

To find out more about what this Focus Team is doing or to join us, contact the Chair Dylan Johanson at (845) 802-4717 Info@InnateMovementParkour.com

Contact Us

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