City of Kingston and Ulster County Bus Merger

The City of Kingston and Ulster County are moving forward with a plan to transfer the CitiBus system to Ulster County and be incorporated into the UCAT system. City bus routes will be similar and [...]


Government shutdown, food access, and SNAP benefits information for Kingston and Ulster County

Here is some information that can be shared with SNAP recipients and federal employees regarding SNAP and food access in Ulster County, NY.  A key takeaway for SNAP recipients should be that any [...]


Want Some Local Help for Your New Year’s Resolutions?

The New Year is a great time to reflect back on your life to see if any changes are needed to make yourself healthier or happier. Is there something that you would like to improve upon as a New [...]


Kingston’s Rich Basketball Tradition Continues

Kingston has a rich culture for basketball; not just as a competitive youth sport, but as an affordable, accessible way for people of all ages to exercise and socialize. According to Facebook [...]


Seven Places to Look for Free Health Events in Kingston, NY

In today’s age of information overload, one of the most common things we hear from people when talking about past events and meetings was, “I didn’t hear about it, I would’ve gone!” Whether or [...]


Two Initiatives in Kingston That Bring Food to People Who Need It

Being able to get groceries, prepare them in some way and have a healthy meal is something that many people take for granted. Unfortunately, even if one qualifies for benefits or lives near a [...]

How a Kingston Photographer Is Helping Breast Cancer Survivors Bloom

On the eve of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, a Kingston-based photographer is making waves nationally with a decade-long project that celebrates the beauty and strength of breast cancer [...]


Affording Healthcare in Kingston, NY: Eight Non-Profits That Can Help You

Whether you’re on Medicare, Medicaid, employer-provided insurance, self-insurance, or are completely uninsured, odds are there are some situations where you feel stuck; you need medical [...]

Age Well is Creating Resources and Opportunities for Seniors

Age Well Focus Team Update The Age Well Focus Team meets regularly with a rotating schedule of locations: City Hall, Yosman Towers and the Governor Clinton complex. The regular members are: Marge [...]

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