Affording Healthcare in Kingston, NY: Eight Non-Profits That Can Help You

Whether you’re on Medicare, Medicaid, employer-provided insurance, self-insurance, or are completely uninsured, odds are there are some situations where you feel stuck; you need medical [...]


How 7 Kingston Small Business Owners Try to Balance Health and Work

With Live Well Kingston, our city is working to build a coalition of businesses, organizations and people who are committed to helping all of us in Kingston live healthier and more active lives. [...]


Heal Well Kingston’s Healing Salon

FREE, April 26th, 6—7:30pm, Lace Mill, 165 Cornell St, Kingston A health gathering to bring community members together—healers, health providers, and anyone seeking health improvement—to share [...]

Internet Access for Cyber Seniors

The Cyber Seniors Program Gives Seniors Access to the Internet by Matching Them with High School Students A celebration of the Cyber Seniors program that linked high school students and seniors [...]


Smarter Lunchrooms in City of Kingston Schools

Did you know that the City of Kingston School District serves thousands of lunches every day?  Of course, everyone wants and deserves school lunches and breakfasts to be as healthy as [...]


Giving Thanks – Reflections on Bounty at the South Pine Street Farm

Farmers Joel Zenie and Trish Hawkins wrote this beautiful post about their experience for their first year on the South Pine St. Farm in Midtown Kingston.  Read on to learn the ins and outs of [...]


Join us at “Mix Well Kingston” on November 10th from 6 to 8 pm.

RSVP HERE. The Live Well Kingston coalition is holding its first membership mixer, and you are invited to join us.  Come out of the cold on Tuesday, November 10th from 6 to 8 pm into the Kirkland [...]


Worksite Wellness at the Ulster County Chamber of Commerce on October 22

The Live Well Kingston coalition wants you to be able to be healthy where ever you go! We spend most of our days in our workplaces.  A worksite that encourages and supports healthy lifestyles can [...]


Institute for Family Health Starts Walk and Talk With a Doc Program!

Our Live Well Kingston Leadership Team is made up of a dynamic group of movers and shakers in our community, including two resident doctors, Dr. Jenny Chien and Dr. Syed Asif Hassan from the [...]

Kingston Transportation Projects in a Nutshell: Making Sense of It All!

In recent days, there have been several announcements for meetings and discussions in various circles online about some upcoming, exciting Kingston transportation projects.  Yet, I can imagine [...]