The organization FeedHV is a food rescue group that is made up of food donors, feeding agencies and volunteers, which help feed communities in a more efficient way. Their mission is to help provide healthier and fresher foods to food pantries, soup kitchens, shelters, senior centers and more. Through this, they have set up a system on their website and on their app, that helps match donors to organizations that need donations. The way this works, is that both organizations and donors must sign up for an account on and fill in some basic information about the types of foods they serve/provide.

Once accounts have been established, the program then matches up a donor to a certain organization that needs the variety of food that they have to offer. Once a donation has been lined up, a notice goes out to volunteers, to see who is available to pick up and deliver that donation from the donor to the organization. After that, the process just continues to cycle and more people are fed, while less food is being wasted.

To sign up for an account, whether you are a donor, feeding agency, or want to help volunteer, it only takes about 6 minutes. If you are an agency, you must provide some information such as your hours, kinds of food you serve, and the amount of donations you can accept. From there, you just need to confirm your account through your email, and then you should be all set. Email notifications are sent out once a donation has been matched to you. A second email will be sent out to inform you that a volunteer has agreed to pick up and deliver your donation. To help the volunteer pick up/deliver the donation as efficiently as possible, it is suggested that you provide information such as the best place to park, what door to come in, etc.

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