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What does it mean to be a Live Well Kingston member?

• Commit to and align with the Live Well Kingston vision and mission
• Contribute an annual minimum contribution of $50 for individuals or
$100 for organizations
• OR attend at least 6 Live Well Kingston meetings
• OR contribute at least 10 hours to a Live Well Kingston project

Your dollars help us to show our local commitment to prospective outside funders of our coalition and our projects. We need funding to support our operating expenses. Your dollars will contribute to sustaining our work and to increasing our collective impact as a coalition.




Thank you to all of our members.

There are two ways to become a member

1) Online

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Choose Your Membership Level

Platinum, Gold and Silver Members are organizations and individuals that commit to a substantial financial investment in the operations of Live Well Kingston and help to sustain the goal of making Kingston one of the healthiest small cities in New York.

Each member level has all the benefits of the previous levels

Community Service ($0)

  • Participation in collective efforts for policy, environmental, and systems changes and programming
  • Opportunities to network with members, leading to collaborative projects and funding
  • Free access to trainings and webinars related to creating a healthy Kingston

Igniter ($50)

  • LWK Safety Light Wristband
  • LWK Magnet
  • Subscription to the monthly LWK newsletter by postal mail
  • Listing on member page of the LWK website

Energizer ($100)

  • LWK Canvas Bag
  • Free listing and promotion of your events on the LWK website and social media pages
  • Access to contribute to the LWK blog and monthly newsletter about your initiative

Visionary ($500)

  • LWK T-shirt
  • Paid boosting of posts on LWK Facebook page on request for a value up to $100 annually

Silver ($1000)

  • 3rd line recognition as major sponsor on the Membership page of the LWK website
  • Vocal recognition at LWK public events
  • Banner recognition at LWK public events (member provides organizational banner)

Gold ($5000)

  • 2nd line recognition as major sponsor on the Membership page of the LWK website
  • Logo placement on all LWK print marketing materials and at LWK events

Platinum ($10,000)

  • 1st line recognition as major sponsor on the Membership page of the LWK website
  • Additional customized benefits




2) By Mail or In Person

Download one of our Member/Sponsor Forms and drop it in the mail to Attn. Melinda Herzog, CCEUC, 232 Plaza Rd., Kingston, NY, 12401 or deliver it in person at Live Well Kingston meeting. You may also send an email to to say you would like to join and include all the requested information on the form.

Why participate in the movement for a healthier community?

For Businesses

The health of a community impacts the economic health of businesses.  A diverse and robust business economy helps everyone’s bottom line. Communities with a high quality of life and access to amenities such as Rail Trails and healthy foods are desirable locations for businesses to re-locate. Employers know that the health and productivity of a workforce are affected by the vitality of the community where the workforce resides. Healthy employees have higher levels of productivity and miss fewer days of work due to illness. Healthy employees can lead to reduced workers’ compensation and health insurance costs. Employees’ well-being can be supported by a culture of health and a community where healthier options are the easier choice.

For Non-Profit Organizations

Non-profit organizations are already committed to improving the quality of life and the environment here in Kingston. By joining, your non-profit will become part of a coordinated movement. Non-profits can begin to collaborate, pool resources, and leverage larger sources of funding as a partnership to meet our collective goals. Together, we can create a better environment and experience for Kingston’s residents more effectively than we can with our separate programs.

For Individuals

Your concern for your health and the health of your family and community can help us make a difference. If you are interested in volunteering, the coalition can find the right position for you based on your interests. Your support and sponsorship will help our coalition be sustained and grow to make Kingston a better place to live.

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