Do you host events? Would you like to promote an economical, sustainable, and healthy way for folks to travel to your event?

Borrow the Live Well Kingston Bicycle Valet Kit!

What is a Bicycle Valet?

A Bicycle Valet works similarly to a car valet. Bicyclists get priority parking by dropping off their bikes with volunteers and/or staff at temporary bike racks in a highly convenient location. The bicycles will be secure because someone will be watching over them. Participants can still lock their bikes if they choose.

What are the benefits?

When folks travel by bicycle there is less traffic congestion, less emissions, less parking is needed, and humans get a little more exercise – which makes us a little healthier! It’s also an opportunity to share traffic safety education and information about our rail trails.

What’s included?

The kit consists of three temporary bicycle racks with instructions to put them together, a sign-in sheet, pens, tickets to track the bicycles, traffic safety handouts, a sandwich sign, a table runner, and a folding table (if needed). You would need to identify someone to facilitate the valet.

Are you interested?

Call or email Emily with questions and to book the kit. or (845) 334-3909.

The City of Kingston’s Health & Wellness Department manages this kit, which also coordinates Live Well Kingston, and was made possible with funding from the New York State Department of Health Creating Healthy Schools and Communities Grant program.

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