Grow Well Kingston is a collective of organizations and individuals that support Kingston residents to grow plants and raise animals for food, medicine, natural habitat, and beauty, by supporting projects that provide knowledge, growing spaces, and resources.

Together, we support our local community gardens and want the people of Kingston to have their voices equally valued. Community gardens are great spaces to learn and practice the joy of gardening and growing your own plants, flowers, herbs, fruits and vegetables. Locate a community garden here.

Grow Well Kingston garden stewards commit their time cultivating these shared growing spaces and offering support to volunteers and neighbors. We invite you to come grow with us! You don’t have to be an experienced or master gardener to get involved. If you’re curious about gardening or would like to learn how to grow vegetables, we encourage you to join us. You can volunteer to adopt a garden bed at no cost! Grow Well Kingston will provide you with education, resources, and tools to help you get started. You can also access FREE resources from the Kingston Library  Garden Tools and Supplies 

Our Grow Well Focus Team meets the first Thursday of the month at 10:00am and the third Monday of the month 6:00pm. Please contact the City of Kingston Health and Wellness Department for our Zoom link and in-person meeting locations at (845) 334 – 3951.

Join us if you…

  • Have an interest in gardening 
  • Would like to share your gardening knowledge
  • Want to be a part of growing and creating access to fresh healthy food 
  • Have a desire to share resources and support beginner gardeners
  • Would love to see edible plantings in public spaces
  • Would like to be a part of supporting agriculture/nature programs

Grow Well Resources
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