Grow Well Garden Steward Cindy Muro hosted “Ask a Plant Doctor” Q & A at the City of Kingston’s annual Earth Fair event held at T.R. Gallo Park on May 11th. First-time gardeners and seasoned growers stopped by to share their successes and mishaps growing herbs, vegetables, and flowers. Cindy offered hope and helpful remedies to concerned gardeners on a variety of subjects, from bug infestations and hungry groundhogs, to cultivating your soil to grow healthy veggies.

In addition to stewarding the community gardens at Barmann Park and George Washington school, Cindy is an avid gardener at home. She donated a variety of seedlings including sorrel, parsley, basil, cucumbers, cucamelons, red cabbage, deer tongue lettuce, kale, and flowering plants which were humbly received by Earth Fair attendees. Curious passersby couldn’t resist the opportunity to learn something new.  Families and their children especially enjoyed the sensory experience of the “toothache plant“, Spilanthes, and made promises to their parents to care for their newly adopted seedlings.

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