Integrating Nutrition Interventions into Healthcare: NY Food as Medicine

A Heal Well Kingston Presentation



About the Presentation

In March 2024 Heal Well welcomed Amelia Gelnett, Special Initiatives Manager at The Food Pantries of the Capital District who leads the New York State Food as Medicine Coalition initiative, to present on Food As Medicine.

The presentation slides are also available here: Heal Well Kingston March 2024 Presentation

About the Heal Well Focus Team

Heal Well facilitates and strengthens communication by engaging residents and organizations in activities to access healthy options. We bring together people working as health providers in Kingston to improve access to health facilities, increase knowledge of opportunities, develop healthy options, break down silos, and support needs assessment.

Our partners include social workers, health practitioners, doctors, non-profit and for-profit organizations, medical staff, yoga instructors, healers, government staff, and residents interested in health issues.

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