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Live Well Kingston is a city-endorsed coalition of organizations, businesses and individuals that work together to improve the environment, culture, and opportunities in Kingston, NY for residents to lead healthier lives.

We are Age Well,Travel Well, Eat Well, and Play Well.


Supporting environmental changes in Kingston that improve Senior Citizens' access to opportunities for active and healthy aging.


Providing transportation agencies & the City of Kingston with tools & recommendations to develop a more complete system that fosters active transportation & healthy living.


Supporting and promoting local efforts to improve access to healthy foods throughout the community.


Supporting policy, systems and environmental change to facilitate growth and maintenance of public parks, recreational facilities and open spaces.

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About Us


Live Well Kingston envisions a community environment that promotes and supports healthier lifestyle choices.


Live Well Kingston brings partners and residents together to facilitate policy, environmental, and systems changes that result in a healthy and active community.

What We Do

The Live Well Kingston coalition:

  • Serves as a resource for education and a catalyst for decisions that foster healthy attitudes
  • Acts as a catalyst of programming, policy, systems and environmental change
  • Improves access to healthy, affordable, local food for children and families
  • Improves access to parks for active play through environmental changes and programming
  • Improves access to a safe and enjoyable walking and bicycling environment
  • Creates synergies among organizations to provide healthy eating and physical activity programming for families and children using Kingston’s assets
  • Creates alignment among the efforts of several organizations and groups

By coming together as one network working in alignment toward a common goal, Live Well Kingston members are able to:

  • Define a common agenda
  • Build knowledge and alignment through shared measurement and regular meetings
  • Work more efficiently with mutually reinforcing activities
  • Build alliances and partnerships to attract shared funding sources
  • Improve multiple health indicators simultaneously

How We Operate

The Live Well Kingston coalition is led by a Leadership Team that meets quarterly. The real work happens within our Focus Teams – Travel Well, Eat Well, Play Well, and Age Well. The Focus Teams bring together partners already working in the topic area to foster communications and synergies. We also have three standing committees the Media and Communications Committee, the Fund Development Committee, and the Event Planning Committee.

We welcome new members and volunteers any time to join one of our Focus Teams or standing committees. To find out how you can become a member, click here.

Who We Are

  • Megan Weiss-Rowe
    Megan Weiss-RoweFamily of Woodstock
    Chair of the LWK Leadership Team
  • Rose Quinn
    Rose QuinnUlster County BOCES
    Vice Chair of the LWK Leadership Team
  • Kristen Wilson
    Kristen WilsonCoalition Coordinator - Cornell Cooperative Extension Ulster County
  • Dr. Jenny Chien
    Dr. Jenny ChienInstitute for Family Health
  • Dr. Syed Asif Hassan
    Dr. Syed Asif HassanInstitute for Family Health
  • Jennifer Speenburgh
    Jennifer SpeenburghNew York State Public Health Association
  • Laurie Deutsch Mozian
    Laurie Deutsch MozianHealthAlliance of the Hudson Valley's Community Heart Health Coalition
  • Loriman Rhodell
    Loriman RhodellKingston Resident
  • Marge Gagnon
    Marge GagnonRose Women's Care Center
  • Maria Cecilia Deferrari
    Maria Cecilia DeferrariCornell Cooperative Extension Ulster County
    Communications Assistan
    • Mary Beth Davis
      Mary Beth DavisHudson Valley Community Services & Midtown Rising
    • Mayor Shayne Gallo
      Mayor Shayne GalloCity of Kingston
      • Stacy Kraft
        Stacy KraftUlster County Department of Health
      • Steve Noble
        Steve NobleCity of Kingston Parks and Recreation
      • Susanne Callahan
        Susanne CallahanInstitute for Family Health

        good words. good people.

        • "I love that from where we live we can walk and bike to everything we need: our daughter's school, the YMCA, a couple coffee shops, boutiques, a hardware store, a wonderful farmer's market with local and organic produce, a supermarket and many great restaurants."

          Emily Flynn

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