Grow Well Kingston is a collective of organizations and individuals that support Kingston residents to grow plants and raise animals for food, medicine, natural habitat, and beauty, by supporting projects that provide knowledge, growing spaces, and resources. The group started during the Covid-19 shut down in response to concerns about access to abundant and healthy food during the pandemic. 

Since coming together in early April of 2020, Grow Well has initiated a garden bed project that installed thirty-five 4’x8’ beds and provided soil, plants, and mentoring in the community during the summer of 2020. The project was implemented by the youth employed at the Kingston YMCA Farm Project, their farm staff, and other organizations and their volunteers.

Grow Well wants all the people of Kingston to be represented and to have their voices be equally valued. Because of this, our decision-making process is democratic and based on our group values, which are continuing to evolve as we invite new members to the collective. We are currently working on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion training and welcoming new members into our group. 

Join us if you…

  • Have an interest in gardening 
  • Would like to share your gardening knowledge
  • Want to be a part of growing and creating access to fresh healthy food 
  • Have a desire to share resources and support beginner gardeners
  • Would love to see edible plantings in public spaces
  • Would like to be a part of supporting agriculture/nature programs in our schools 

We’re in the process of learning more and are gathering information to find out where people’s interests and strengths are. 

If you are interested in participating or giving us your thoughts:

Grow Well Resources
Recursos de Grow Well

february, 2023

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