A woman holds a clipboard and is sitting in front of RiteAid on Broadway in Kingston, NY.

A woman tallies pedestrians and cyclists as part of the bi-annual counts.

The Health and Wellness Department of the City of Kingston measures how many people are walking and bicycling in two ways–bi-annual paper counts and infrared counters. We collect this data to determine trends, understand the needs of pedestrians and cyclists, and for grant applications. 

The bi-annual paper counts are usually conducted in the third week of May and September. Pre-selected locations are counted for two hours on Wednesday and Thursday from 4-6 pm, and on Saturday from 12-2 pm. The counter tallies every time a person crosses the street or rides through the intersection. 

The counts follow the methodology developed by the National Bicycle and Pedestrian Documentation Project. 

The counts are conducted by volunteers from the Complete Streets Advisory Council (CSAC) and other groups, but additional volunteers are always needed! We provide training and count forms for volunteers. Email Emily to find out more or sign up to help! 

The infrared counters are located at various locations on the Greenline network of trails. The counters use infrared light to detect movement past their sensors. These get recorded and are downloaded regularly. No personal information or photos are taken. 

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