The Live Well Kingston Focus Teams (or subcommittees) present to the Live Well Kingston Commission, quarterly, on their progress. Exciting events and projects are moving along. Here is a quick summary.

  1. Heal Well
    • “Resilience” Film Screening: Heal Well is planning a screening of the film “Resilience, the biology of stress and the science of hope,” May 16th, 6pm, at GW Elementary School Auditorium, with a panel discussion after. It is a film about childhood trauma and they will have resources in the room.
    • MiSN Community Baby Shower: The HAHV midwives and a maternal health coalition is working with Emily to host a community baby shower with community resources for women and children at the Hodge Community Center, June 9th, 1-3pm.
    • Integrated Ulster: Ulster County is working on an initiative called Integrated Ulster that builds health coalitions and increases communications between agencies.
  2. Play Well
    • Disc Golf Course and Clean Up: Play well helped do a park cleanup of the new Disc Golf course that has a grand opening April 27th, 11am.
    • Chess Tables: Age Well and Play Well collaborated to apply for an AARP Community Challenge Grant for two chess tables, four benches, a shade structure and support for monthly chess meet-ups.
  3. Eat Well
    • Laurie Mozian is no longer at HAHV. Katie Shehan-Lopez will still chair the team.
    • Conversations have been about how to communicate community about resources more. During the government shut-down multiple Eat Well member organizations sent out parallel press releases about food insecurity resources.
    • The Kingston Food Co-op will present at next Eat Well meeting, June 5th, 10am.
  4. Age Well
    • Cyber Seniors Program: moving toward installing another set of computers at the Stuyvesant Rupco building. Age Well is still having great success partnering high school students with the seniors for computer help.
    • Age Friendly Kingston: Age Well is considering applying to be an AARP Age-Friendly City. The County has been hosting focus groups about community services. Transportation and a senior center are still major concerns for this focus team.
  5. Travel Well:

Have any questions about these projects? Want to get involved? Email Emily!

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