Are you one of the many folks who exercise at Dietz Stadium? Did you know that the whole property is being renovated? The Play Well Focus Team has created three suggested alternative walks while the stadium is unavailable. To find out more about the renovation, see the page on

The three routes are equivalent to 1 lap (a quarter mile), 2 laps (half a mile) and 4 laps (1 mile) around the Dietz Stadium track. Unfortunately, walking routes may consist of sidewalks and curbs that are not ADA accessible.

Quarter Mile Uptown Stockade Walk

(About 1 lap around the track)

Uptown Stockade Walk, 1/4 Mile


  • From North Front Street
  • Turn right onto Wall Street
  • Turn right onto John Street
  • Turn right onto Crown Street
  • Turn left, back onto North Front Street     

Half Mile Downtown Promenade Walk

(About 2 laps around the track)


  • From TR Gallo Park at Broadway and at the 9W Koening Boulevard overpass
  • Head East, along the East Strand To Abeel Street
  • Return to starting point

One Mile Midtown Linear Park Walk

(About 4 laps around the track)


  • From Westbrook Lane at the Kingston Plaza
  • Head East to Cornell Street
  • Return to Westbrook Lane

This trail is part of the Kingston Green Line

Live Well Kingston’s Play Well Focus Team supports initiatives that connect people to physical activity and promotes the utilization of parks, open spaces and opportunities for play.

Learn about what’s happening at Dietz Stadium:

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