Center for Good Food Purchasing

An Eat Well Kingston Presentation


About the Presentation

In April 2024 Eat Well welcomed Colleen McKinney, Director of Engagement at the Center for Good Food Purchasing, where she supports a number of different objectives, including facilitating individual and group technical assistance in adopting Good Food Purchasing Standards.

The Good Food Purchasing Program provides a metric based, flexible framework that encourages large institutions to direct their buying power toward five core values: local economies, environmental sustainability, valued workforce, animal welfare and nutrition. The Good Food Purchasing Program is the first procurement model to support these food system values in equal measure.

About the Eat Well Focus Team

The purpose of the Eat Well Focus Team is to develop, implement and/or support policy, systems and environmental change by supporting and promoting local efforts to improve access to healthy foods throughout the community. We coordinate with gardening/urban agriculture efforts and organizations addressing food insecurity and healthy eating in Kingston.

Our partners include farmers, chefs, teachers, artists, nutrition educators, dietitians, parents, non-profit and for-profit organizations, communicators, systems changers, volunteer organizations, private businesses, health practitioners, nurses, doctors and most importantly: YOU.

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