What’s Happening in Eat Well in 2024

Live Well Kingston’s Eat Well focus team has had a busy year and we’re not even halfway through! We recently completed our annual presentation to the Live Well Kingston Commission to share updates from how we wrapped up 2023 and what we have in store for 2024.

If you’re unfamiliar with Eat Well, below are the focus team’s vision, mission, and values. You can find more information about this focus team at https://livewellkingston.org/focus-teams/eat-well/.

Vision– Everyone is food secure and healthy eating is the norm in our city

Mission– To unite the City of Kingston in developing and sustaining a locally based, resilient food system for all

Values– Inclusion, Resiliency, Community, Environment, Participation and Empowerment

So What’s On the Agenda?

Check out the 2024 Eat Well Focus Team Presentation to learn all about 2023 and 2024. Below is an overview of what’s happening in 2024.


Diving Deeper

While all of the work is important and dynamic, highlighted below are a few goals that capture some of the great projects and programs that Eat Well is spearheading or supporting.

Goal 2: Develop a Teaching Kitchen at the Andy Murphy Neighborhood Center

Following the renovation of the kitchen at the Andy Murphy Neighborhood Center in 2023, the Department of Health and Wellness and Eat Well have been hosting a variety of food educational opportunities, including free community cooking workshops and culinary nutrition trainings for local organizational partners. This sparked the idea to continue to build a teaching kitchen program that supports the community in healthy eating resources and assistance.

An important part of this goal is the newly launched Kingston Cooks series of free cooking workshops. Be sure to check out the project page for upcoming workshops!

Goal 3: Encourage a culture of health eating, food fun, and increased veggie and fruit consumption in Kingston

Building upon the successful 2023 veggie of the month pilot campaign, Eat Well partners will continue to expand Kingston Eats through community partnerships, activities including cooking workshops, and a local media tour.

Goal 5: Develop a plan to create a resilient local food system that increases access to nutritious foods

A vision of a Kingston where is food secure and healthy eating is the norm in our city must have the foundation of a stronger, more resilient and equitable local food system. To help us achieve this, the City of Kingston is developing a Food System Plan that may inform Eat Well’s work in the future.

Have Questions?

If you have questions or want to get involved, reach out to:

Kristin Kessler, RDN, CDN, CYT

Project Manager, Health & Wellness


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